When a Book is Almost a Book

I’m starting to get close on the book.  I still have a few drawing projects to work through, tons of photographs to take, layout and design of the final product, and of course the ever important title to figure out.  I’m shooting for a final project date of November 1st and publishing it shortly thereafter.  I’ll try to post some photos and excerpts in the coming weeks.

This has all been quite a journey and learning process for me.  I’ve already revised several parts of the book, re-thought my approach, re-drafted my outline, added and removed and re-added sections, and even this late in the game there are changes I’m considering.  I have started setting some harder deadlines for myself, which I’m discovering is an absolute must.

For the title I’m thinking about posting several that I’ve come up with to see how well they play, and perhaps staging a completely unscientific poll to choose the final one.  Should be an interesting exercise given what I know about several of the people who might add their special brand of insight.

On top of all this, I’m already contemplating another couple of writing projects.  I’m trying to keep my thoughts limited right now, however, so I can get this one done first.  We shall see.


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