Sometimes You Have to Prepare

I’m taking a short break from writing (not too long) so I can work on a couple of different pieces that have been burning a hole in my pocket.  The images for both are from a great website  Paint My Photo where photographers share their photographs specifically so artists can use them as reference.  The images are free to use for drawing or painting, with no royalty, other than acknowledging the photographer and sharing your work on the site for others to enjoy.

I’ve not done a great deal of wildlife or animal drawings, but this image really struck me as one that will look great in graphite.  The drawings are just a couple of preparatory sketches I’ve done to work out some changes and layout before I get started on the final piece.  This is a really important step in the process of drawing as it gets you started seeing your subject, identifying what works and what needs improvement, and sorting out potential surprises before you get too far gone into a finished piece and then discover that stick you decided not to draw is a leg.


I try to do a couple of prep drawings to figure out light and shadow areas, as well as refining layout and composition.  Sometimes these are very quick and have little detail, and sometimes they are more complete.  Either way, the answers you get can be invaluable when it comes time to put pencil to paper.   I’ll add some progress images soon as I get started on the actual piece.   Barry


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